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Horoscope 2024 – Curious about what the new year will mean for your zodiac sign?

Curious about what the new year will mean for your zodiac sign? Here you will find your annual horoscope for 2024!

2023 is coming to an end and with the new year around the corner, many are sure to be wondering what 2024 will be like. This is what the stars say about the coming year!

Yearly horoscope 2024 for all zodiac signs

2024 looks set to be a year of change, not least on the love front. For some, cohabitation, engagements or a passionate meeting await, while others choose to finally free themselves from an unhealthy relationship.

In the yearly horoscopes below, we outline what awaits for all zodiac signs!

Aries (21/3 – 19/4)

Horoscope 2024 - Curious about what the new year will mean for your zodiac sign?

This year is marked by great changes, dear Aries! You can expect everything from weddings and engagements to separations and old relationships rekindling. Regardless of what happens, things change for the better – even if it doesn’t always feel like it. When life starts to feel like a rollercoaster ride, you’d be wise to go with the flow instead of trying to resist. But don’t forget to process your thoughts and feelings!


In the first part of 2024, you focus on creating financial security and sharpening your skills. There will be many opportunities to stand out or find new sources of income. In April, an interesting opportunity may appear – for example, you may find a new job that improves your financial situation. If you have your own business, you can reach important milestones. In May, the work will feel easier thanks to new collaborations, more contacts or clients. You become more optimistic, confident and open to new knowledge. You will be able to find smart and innovative solutions to complex problems. This year you will also use your talents to inspire others and create something that makes the world a better place.


Born March 21-31:

For you who were born March 21-31, the winds of change blow in August. Now not only the relationships with others change, but also your relationship with yourself. You may be forced to reevaluate an unbalanced relationship that doesn’t quite work, while at the same time you become more aware of the role you play in it all. In 2024, you have the chance to abandon old behavior patterns and rediscover your true self! At the same time as you free yourself from what no longer matches your values, new people appear in your life. The opportunity is great for important meetings with people (especially men) who have a positive impact on your life.

Born April 1-10:

For those born between April 1-10, the first half of the year can offer a lot of changes in relationships. This can be a transformative time that will help you develop long-lasting, balanced, stimulating relationships – but first, you need to break free from old habits and mindsets that are holding you back. This summer you can make new exciting acquaintances and expand your social life (good news for all singles!), while you can strengthen a love relationship through good communication.

Born April 11-20:

For those of you who were born between 11 and 20 April, the first part of the year will be rather quiet on the love front – but towards autumn, things start to happen! It will be easier for you to manage your relationships, and perhaps you will come to an important conclusion regarding your love life in mid-October. It may also be that the universe sends you a final test to see if you are really ready to leave the past behind you, not least regarding that unhealthy person… remember that you control your own destiny!

Taurus (20/4 -20/5)

Horoscope 2024 - Curious about what the new year will mean for your zodiac sign?

January, the first part of February, June and July will be great months for you, dear Taurus. You have lots of energy and zest for life. Now you can achieve anything, just add the mane! During the spring, you realize the importance of creating a balance between pleasure and necessity – listen to the needs of both the soul and the body, and you will end up right. In general, you will be more happy, cheerful, full of desire to live this year. Your good mood positively affects your personal relationships and you face the world with increased self-confidence. An unexpected opportunity may arise in April. This in turn gives rise to major changes that can affect your personal life as well as your career.


Since last spring, you’ve gotten better at trying new things. This trend continues until the end of May 2024. You are likely to work this year to achieve a number of goals that require a great deal of independence. In the next few years, you will also reevaluate your life goals, and choose a professional path that reflects your true self. This can lead to conflicts with people in positions of power, something that makes you come into contact with your own power and understand how to use it. Before making crucial decisions, think about why you do what you do. Find out what drives you and then follow your path in life without hesitation.


Born April 21-30

During the first months of the year, you may experience some practical and emotional difficulties. But not everything is negative: these setbacks can result in greater self-awareness. Ask yourself what role power plays in your relationships. Do you tend to give away your power, or are you perhaps the one exercising power – and how can you restore the balance? Towards the end of the year, this can be brought to a head. If you have found yourself at a disadvantage, you may tire of submission. Instead, you free yourself from limiting situations, perhaps in a way that is perceived as explosive by others. However, this is not necessarily something you should worry about: a relationship where one partner has more power than the other is not a healthy relationship!

Born May 1-10

A quiet year awaits you, and it suits you perfectly! If you are in a relationship, it will develop and become more stable. Maybe you will even make the relationship more “official”, whatever this means for you. For singles, there are great opportunities to start something meaningful. The chances are great to find a reliable, serious, mature partner – or to develop yourself in a way that favors close relationships.

Born May 11-20

2024 is the year of surprises! You will be forced to take hold of the parts of yourself that have held you back until now, which will lead to you being imbued with a strong sense of freedom. Now you have no tolerance for what no longer works for you. Instead, you take brave leaps into the unknown and dare the likes of which you have never dared before. In April, you may begin a new chapter in a relationship. This could mean a life-changing choice, new meetings, a turning point in your partner’s life, a new adventure for you and your partner, or a separation. Anything is possible, but whatever happens is for your own good.

Gemini (21/5 – 21/6)

Horoscope 2024 - Curious about what the new year will mean for your zodiac sign?

Gemini (21/5 – 21/6)

Dear Gemini, 2024 is a year when you dare to take the step to leave the past behind and create a new future that reflects your true self. Your relationships are also undergoing changes. Love at first sight, unexpected pregnancies, new loves – anything is possible! You may feel a bit generally tired and sluggish at the beginning of the year, a feeling that can be aggravated by various setbacks and complicated situations. After May 26, however, things turn around and you start to find solutions that increase your independence – not least in the long run! Don’t get weighed down when things don’t go your way, but try to have an optimistic attitude even in the face of setbacks. The second part of 2024 is definitely favorable for new meetings: you will be able to expand your circle of contacts and make new friends, all thanks to a much more harmonious state of mind.


2024 may also test your patience at work. Sometimes it can feel like everything is going wrong, or that you don’t have as many choices as you would like. However, the advantage of progressing slowly is that it makes you understand which situations are right for you and your well-being. Patience is the key word here: don’t give up, but make the necessary adjustments when you encounter problems. This is also a good year to examine yourself and come to what you actually want to do, who you want to be, and what you no longer recognize yourself in. This inner clarity will be of great help when everything around you seems unstable. 


Born May 21-31

2024 is the year of rebirth for you! In January, you begin a new phase of personal growth and very positive changes. This is good news considering that last year was tough for many Geminis. Maybe you ended a long-term relationship or had a hard time meeting the right person. However, the setbacks have meant that you have more control over what you actually want, or are better at dealing with difficulties. In 2024, many Geminis will be able to significantly improve a relationship and revive it, especially if it has been a major crisis. You will also meet people who are positive for your personal growth, or change your philosophy of life.

Born June 1-10

2024 will be a year of deep reflection for you. You may have to make some important decisions, and some of these may affect your relationships. Perhaps you need to define a certain relationship, or your responsibilities increase in some way. At the end of May, you will fortunately have the opportunity to improve conditions and solve even the most difficult problems. At the same time, your self-confidence increases and if you are single, you will find it easier to tell how you really feel about a person you care about – or maybe another person finally dares to express their feelings, or clarify something that was unclear. The bottom line is: don’t bury your head in the sand, take the responsibility that a relationship entails, and make clear decisions. 

Born June 11-21

This can be a somewhat confusing year when it comes to love as relationships can be marked by worry, uncertainty, or wrong decisions. At the same time, there are good chances for spiritual growth and the opportunity to deepen contact with people in your environment, as well as to develop greater empathy and understanding for others. No matter what happens, try to really see the person in front of you – not your imagination of the person. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming sometimes, but make sure you don’t lose touch with reality!

Cancer (6/22 – 7/22)


In 2024, you may experience a series of revolutionary and very positive changes waiting for you, dear Cancer! You leave behind a rather complicated phase, not least regarding relationships, and can now enjoy more well-being and stability. Once you experience turbulence, it often serves a purpose: to help you find a balance between your personal and professional life, and to reevaluate what actually matters in this life. As in 2023, you will continue to express yourself with greater confidence and try new things. In April, you can have a real flash of genius, make a big decision, or be struck by a significant insight. This could be a defining moment for you, even a liberating one! Some Cancers will also explore their roots or ponder family dynamics. Maybe you abandon old ways of doing things to instead embrace your true self. 


This spring you will feel optimistic and confident, something that gives you what you need to realize a project or a dream – or to deal with difficult situations. The positive energy that permeates you now makes it much easier to take on various challenges and difficulties. When conflicts arise at work, it is good to remember that words can have a greater effect than you think. So try to count to ten before you say something thoughtless, and make an effort to listen. It’s also often best to address issues face-to-face.


Born June 22 – July 1

In 2024, you may move or make other significant life changes. Chances are, the changes that occur will help you break free from blocks or fears that previously stood between you and more fulfilling relationships. If one of your relationships is out of balance, various events can force a change that makes it easier for you to understand what role you play in the dynamic. The stars urge you to seek your true self and abandon old behavior patterns. You will have to make some important decisions but also, possibly, demand what you deserve!

Born July 2-12

This year, several major changes may occur in your family, professional life or home. Perhaps you are redefining your priorities, something that can be reflected in your private life. However, the choices you make will be positive, especially in the long run. Maybe you also decide to take a relationship to the next level, or you meet someone interesting with whom there is love potential.

Born July 13-22

2024 will be a significant year for your relationships: you can expect a lot of new meetings and one of these could be very romantic! Now you are most interested in engaging relationships with people who are as sensitive and empathetic as you. You can also decide to inject more life into your relationship. The lunar eclipse in Aries on October 17th can give rise to very intense emotions, even a little complicated! You can also be tested during this period, all to highlight the sides of you that only come out in the meeting with others. 

The Lion (23/7 – 22/8)

Horoscope 2024 - Curious about what the new year will mean for your zodiac sign?

The lion

Since 2021, you have been forced to break away from the past, dear Leo. This may not have always been easy, but it has also given you a new perspective on life that you can now take advantage of. After a somewhat tired start to the year when various commitments can take up a lot of your energy, it turns around and during the course of the year many things in your life will change for the better – a development that is more than welcome! Most important, however, are perhaps the changes that take place on the inside. Certain mindsets that you adopted in the past, more or less unconsciously, will change, and your way of thinking and acting will no longer be influenced by the past. Now the likelihood is high that you will adopt a new philosophy of life and embrace a part of you that you were previously unaware of. And it will take you very far…


Career-wise, many Leos will finally receive praise for their accomplishments and greater leeway at work. Especially in the first part of 2024, work will take up a lot of your time – if you find that this is taking up too much energy, it may be good to spend more time on things that make you feel good and reduce your work commitments. During the spring, a certain project may gain momentum, or you may get a flash of genius that helps you move forward with a work task. Maybe you even start negotiating something – then there is a good chance that this will come to fruition in April. From mid-August to early September, unexpected situations can throw you off balance, so beware of making hasty decisions during this period. In the last part of the year you will be full of ideas. You may improve your leadership skills, and you perform various tasks with great commitment. However, beware of being impulsive – move with a pinch of caution and everything will be fine!


Born July 23 – August 2

This year you may have to ask yourself a lot of difficult questions regarding your love life. Some Leos born during this period may find themselves in a destructive relationship that they do not leave, despite tangible and ambiguous evidence that the relationship is not right. Don’t shy away from facing your fears or darker sides this year. There may be something that needs to change in your close relationships, or you may need to break away from someone or something that is taking you further and further away from your happiness. Also, pay attention to the exercise of power and how it affects your relationships. 

Born August 3-12

Summer is the perfect time to try new experiences and leave your so-called comfort zone! For you who are single, this time offers plenty of chances to meet an interesting person. You feel more confident and optimistic, which means that those you meet will in turn be much more open to you. For those of you who have a partner, a year awaits when you can deepen your relationship and enjoy each other’s company – so don’t put off joint projects or opportunities to have fun together! 

Born August 13-22

If you are in a relationship, there is a risk that this will face some problems this year, not least when it comes to cohabitation. It may also be that changes at work lead to changes in the dynamics of the relationship. But don’t worry: everything can be solved with a good dose of patience and flexibility. In April, you may experience a turning point, or an important decision may affect the relationship. For those of you who are single and looking for a new love interest, the year offers many opportunities to meet someone special. 

Virgo (23/8 – 22/9)

Horoscope 2024 - Curious about what the new year will mean for your zodiac sign?

In 2024, positive thinking will play a real role for you, dear Virgo. The first part of the year will be more stable, while the second may become a little more uncertain, and therefore it is important to manage both energy and mood. Towards the end of the year, the emotional life can shift quite sharply, perhaps due to professional setbacks or unexpected, stressful situations. Maybe you have to make an important decision regarding your job or a relationship. Challenge the negative feelings by asking yourself if they are actually grounded in reality – this will help you not take out your frustrations on others, not least those closest to you. During the course of the year, you may also undergo a significant change – you may question the direction your life has taken, not least regarding the material. 


At the beginning of the year, you will focus a lot on work as a phase of important changes in this sphere begins now. In May, you will be able to achieve ambitious goals, receive important recognition or take a big step forward in your career. Alongside the opportunities, however, there is also a certain risk of turbulence, especially in terms of professional relationships, in legal and bureaucratic matters or in new agreements and contracts. Also watch out for minor setbacks, deadlines and pressing situations at the end of the year.


Born August 23 – September 2

For some of you born during this period, 2023 may have been characterized by separation, uncertainty, or a stalemate. Singles may have experienced loneliness or frustration. For others, the year may have offered positive progress in a relationship. Regardless of how things have turned out for you, you will now be able to enjoy greater peace of mind! You have matured considerably, while learning to make more conscious life choices. It is also possible that a person has entered your life at the right time – although this may not seem to be the case at first.

Born September 3-12

From the end of May, you may make decisions that mean a new direction in your love life. Many of you can make a relationship more “official”, or at least define it. Some will get engaged or live together. In “defective” relationships, however, problems can arise. If, for example, there has been uncertainty about the future for a longer period, it may be time to figure out how to proceed. If you’re in the middle of choosing and qualifying between several different people, it’s time to make a decision – which relationship do you want to bet on, and which one is it time to end? Common to all born during this period is that it pays to try to understand what you actually want out of a relationship and plan accordingly. 

Born September 13-22

2024 is a year that offers great potential when it comes to love life! You are lively and active and with the right partner you will get a lot of pleasure from your relationship this year. For you who are single, there is a great chance of meeting someone special, especially while travelling. A small warning: always pay attention to the signals that others give – things are not always what they seem.

Libra (23/9 – 22/10)

Horoscope 2024 - Curious about what the new year will mean for your zodiac sign?

The wave 

The new year begins with good news for you, dear Libra. It marks the end of a period that has been quite difficult from an emotional perspective. During the course of the year, you will feel strong and persistent, yes completely invincible! You not only recover from what has been difficult, but can achieve new successes thanks to your optimism, clear-sightedness, and mental strength. Expect new adventures, new meetings, new experiences – but also revolutionary and life-changing choices.


The enthusiasm and joy that characterizes this year also leaves an impression on your career. Now you are lucky and may fulfill a dream, realize a project, or get the recognition you have longed for. You have good self-confidence, which makes this a good year to start a study or work project, especially if it is abroad. However, be prepared that a somewhat tiring period, from March to May, may cause difficulties in communicating constructively. You will be challenged to speak clearly and express yourself with greater confidence, something that increases the risk of conflicts.


Born September 23 – October 3

In August, a lot of changes await, which are about how you interact with others, but perhaps above all the relationship you have with yourself. In 2024, you may reevaluate both the meaning and value of certain relationships. You may be forced to change unbalanced conditions, or you may gain insights into the role you yourself play in them. Many of you will release yourself from thought patterns and dynamics that you have grown out of. The opportunity is also great to meet someone who will have a positive impact on life.

Born October 4-12

This year brings good developments in love life! From the end of May, you get a boost that gives you plenty of energy to devote yourself to your relationships. If you are single, you may meet someone special this year, probably during a trip. Overall, many of you will have significant experiences abroad this year. Your creativity makes you extra good at communicating with others – a necessary condition for creating the harmony you need.

Born October 13-22

The most important changes will take place for you in mid-October this year. Now you move away from relationships that are no longer right for you, or you find a new, more stable and balanced way to engage in important relationships. Between September and November, it becomes easier for you to handle conditions, situations or unexpected events. However, be a little wary of people – possibly family members – who want to control or manipulate you by making you feel guilty. Learn to be diplomatic without lying flat to avoid conflict!

Scorpio (23/10 – 21/11)

Horoscope 2024 - Curious about what the new year will mean for your zodiac sign?

2024 could be really emotionally intense for you, dear Scorpio! Now you are examining yourself to get back in touch with your innermost self and the sides of yourself that you have pushed away. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself some important questions this year and listen to your inner voice, because then you will end up on the right path! With the internal changes also come external ones. Around April, you can expect some turbulence in your love life, but don’t worry: this will turn out to be positive in the end, whether they involve cohabitation, love at first sight, or a separation. 


Fancy a change in your career? April 2025 brings new opportunities, not least those that involve finding a new job, or leaving one that is no longer satisfactory. Between mid-August and early September, you may face some challenges at work, especially with some colleagues. Handle relationships with care and avoid making hasty decisions. It may not be possible to solve all problems immediately, so instead take time to reflect, evaluate and ponder them before you act. 


Born October 23 – November 2

The first months of the year can be marked by both practical and emotional problems – and many of them are about the fact that you are changing as a person. Your transformation can lead to everything from power struggles to tension and uncertainty in relationships. You are forced to look inward, while at the same time you begin to understand the role power plays in your relationship. How much of your own power do you give away in relationships, and do you exercise too much power yourself? At the end of the year, you no longer have the energy to accept unreasonable behavior. Instead, you break free from situations that you feel are oppressive and limiting. 

Born November 3 – 12

2024 gives you increased emotional stability. You are no longer a slave to your emotions but feel more balanced, aware and sure of what you actually feel. If in the last two years you have managed to get to know yourself in depth and understand the aspects of your personality that have been an obstacle to your happiness, 2024 will not disappoint you! You will be able to experience a truly very fulfilling period in your love life, but above all (and this is the most important thing) you will have the opportunity to create a deep, true, authentic connection with the people you love.

13 – 22 November

This year you have no time for things that do not arouse any enthusiasm or that no longer serve you. Now you have every opportunity to try new things and start a new phase in your love life. This can mean anything from meeting a new love or life-changing changes with a partner – in some cases, a separation. For those of you who suffer from the latter, the stars come with a consolation: it’s for your own good, even if it doesn’t feel like it at first.

Sagittarius (11/22 – 12/21)

Horoscope 2024 - Curious about what the new year will mean for your zodiac sign?

During 2024, you will feel a little lost at times, dear Sagittarius. Although this may feel uncomfortable, it is important for you to grow and become your best self, so try not to be overwhelmed by worry and negative thoughts! The obstacles you encounter now force you to figure out how to focus on what is actually important to you. Now there is great potential for radically changing attitudes and how you express yourself in relationships. These changes make it much easier to explore, enjoy and appreciate relationships over time. The starting point will be your new way of relating to others but above all how you see yourself.


Don’t get frustrated if it feels like things are taking a long time this year. The slow progress you’re experiencing right now will help you figure out which goals you really want to focus on, and stop spending time on things that don’t matter as much. Pay extra attention between the end of November and mid-December: everything related to negotiations, agreements, travel and commercial activities will require more attention than usual, something that includes your way of communicating. Of course, not everything is difficult: during the spring, the universe gives you a helping hand with studies or work.


Born November 23 – December 2

In 2023, you may have felt a bit introverted, something that may have negatively affected love relationships. For some of you, problems within the family or new areas of responsibility such as buying a house have brought a lot of fatigue. Single people may have experienced a period of loneliness and frustration. Regardless of what 2023 looked like for you, you have grown as a person and can now enjoy all that it entails. The more time passes, the more you realize that all those hardships were actually worth it in the end!

Born December 3-11

If there is something that is not working in your closest relationships, this will come up to but during 2024. Expect both tension and surprises, but also that things are put on edge. Are you really where you want to be? Does your relationship make you happy? These are the questions you will be forced to ask yourself throughout the year. Alongside this, there are good chances for exciting meetings, strong passion, buying a house, pregnancy or buying a house during the course of the year.

Born December 12-22

This year it can be difficult to focus on what is actually right for you because the risk is high for ambiguous situations, disappointments, and people who somehow prevent you from creating stable relationships. The positive thing is that these problems increase your self-awareness and your willingness to work on yourself. You get better at distinguishing fiction from reality, and you also learn to recognize what lies or false narratives you are telling yourself. 

Capricorn (12/22 – 1/19)

Horoscope Capricorn sign

2024 is off to a good start for you, dear Capricorn! You feel good and have plenty of energy, which allows you to achieve excellent results on all fronts. It is the case that when you feel good about yourself, the world around you reacts positively, and you are truly noticing this now. Until May, you enjoy a peaceful, less stressful lifestyle. You invest in life’s small pleasures, such as a walk in nature or a dinner at home with loved ones. During the spring, you can also have luck on your side – perhaps you will meet a new love or receive good news. If you tend to be a little bad at expressing your emotional needs in general, you might do better to open up more to others. In general, 2024 will be a fairly balanced, peaceful year, as you turn your attention to what nourishes the soul, imagination and mind – but also the heart.


Generally speaking, your relationships with colleagues and clients will work well and smoothly this year. You are rational, far-sighted and persistent. Therefore, this is an excellent period to realize various projects, invest in a promotion, or look for that job you’ve been looking for. Until May, you can choose to develop new skills, take a course that interests you, or explore new environments. You are optimistic and confident and most things go your way! A small warning: from mid-March to mid-May, you may encounter some setbacks at work, which in turn may create some stress. Take the time to properly evaluate stressful situations before you start blaming others for what went wrong!


Born December 22-31

This year you will feel the need to make some changes in your relationships. These can affect the way you interact with others, but also your priorities. Maybe you question some of the choices you made in life regarding career and family. It is possible that a disappointment at work or problems with the family underlie these thoughts. You are trying to find a new balance both internally and with those close to you.


Born December 22-31

This year you will feel the need to make some changes in your relationships. These can affect the way you interact with others, but also your priorities. Maybe you question some of the choices you made in life regarding career and family. It is possible that a disappointment at work or problems with the family underlie these thoughts. You are trying to find a new balance both internally and with those close to you.

Born January 1-10

This spring you will experience a very satisfying phase in your love life. You feel optimistic, confident and open to new opportunities. During the first part of the year, you will feel a greater need to live in the present without asking yourself too many questions – especially those that normally hold you back. This is absolutely the right attitude, because in general you are lucky and the possibilities of flirtation and passion are great!

Born January 11-20

This year you have every chance to achieve your goals, even in love! You are open to change, to trying new experiences and experimenting. A lot of unexpected meetings await this year, often with people who are a little different from your usual “type”. This actually reflects the changes that are going on within you and that you are now becoming aware of. Expect to discover new, slightly unexplored parts of yourself that want to come to the surface!

Aquarius (20/1 – 18/2)

Horoscope 2024 - Curious about what the new year will mean for your zodiac sign?

2024 will be something of a fresh start for you, dear Aquarius! Now you can finally free yourself from situations that only take energy. Instead, you develop greater self-awareness and grow as a person. A big personal transformation awaits you, which will be about life goals, relationships, and not least your way of being. In the second part of the year, you will feel balanced, confident and able to solve problems that have been hanging around for a while. Invest in getting in touch with your creativity, and even with your childish side. It’s time to be your true self and put things in a new perspective. Your values ​​and desires can change, especially when you become aware that you already have. After all, maybe you actually have everything you need?


Starting at the end of May, you may feel a strong need to market your ideas, learn new things, and make your dreams come true. Now you may take an important initiative, lead a project close to your heart, or use your entrepreneurial spirit. The busiest period is expected to take place from mid-July to early September. During these months, you may feel mentally tired, perhaps due to unexpected events or problems that you cannot solve immediately. However, the year ends in a good way: work flows again and you can achieve important successes.


Born January 21-30

This year you will experience a transformation that affects not only your inner self, but also life in general. The most important transformations happen when we examine ourselves deeply, and over the next few years you will come more and more in touch with yourself and your “power”. As a result, you become more aware of what really drives you, and your own truth. Your relationships will also change, becoming more intense, deeper and more passionate. Since your energy field is about to become much stronger, you must be aware that what you think inevitably evokes a certain type of energy. In other words: what you say to yourself can make a big difference to how your relationships look.

Born January 31 – February 9

2024 will be an intense and significant year from an emotional perspective. In love, everything should go smoothly. You have a desire to fall in love, and if you ended a relationship in 2023, you may meet someone who enriches your life with passion and warmth. An advice? Invest in a partner who prioritizes communication, fun and new experiences, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. For those of you who are in a relationship, everything from weddings and cohabitations to pregnancy can become relevant.

Born February 10-19

This year, repressed feelings, unexpressed needs and unfulfilled desires can come to the surface. Many Aquarians will feel the need to regain their freedom and be less willing to compromise. Some changes may take place in relationships. These may mean that you have to accept that a relationship no longer looks like it did before, perhaps because you yourself have changed. Try to keep an open mind and look positively at the changes that are taking place, without forcing the development of a relationship that ultimately has nothing (or little) to offer you. If things seem to be falling apart now, take comfort in the fact that it will make you grow and in the long run lead to you meeting people who suit you and your new self better!

Pisces (19/2 – 20/3)

Horoscope 2024 - Curious about what the new year will mean for your zodiac sign?

2024 is a year for changes and important decisions, dear Pisces. Now it is important to prioritize correctly so that you can create a solid foundation to stand on in the future as well. A great opportunity to focus your energy on something important may appear during the course of the year. You also grow as a person. Because of this maturing process, you will return to a sense of responsibility, caution and discipline during the course of the year. Don’t be afraid to go inside yourself now – it’s necessary for you to gain those important insights that will allow you to make the right choices in this life.


Many situations in your life will change in a decisive way this year, something that can touch the private as well as the professional sphere. To counteract (inevitable) challenges, try to take care of yourself, your energy, your personal well-being and work with positive thinking. In April, however, you can welcome good news: a job, a trip, a sum of money or an exciting opportunity can appear like a bolt from the blue.


Born February 20 – March 1

The new year brings you a greater awareness of both yourself and others, as well as a new sense of stability that although comes from within but soon manifests through external circumstances as well. During the first months of the year, you experience a calm and if a certain relationship has been characterized by problems, these will be resolved. Those who have experienced disappointments in their love life can now move on and be more open to new encounters. This year will be decidedly better than the previous one, with previous complications and more positivity – something that has a good impact on love life.

Born March 2-10

This year you will be in better touch with your emotional life, which will allow you to distance yourself from situations that do not correspond to your values. Sure, everything may not be wonderful all the time, but the choices you make now will make your life feel more meaningful. Now you can achieve a new emotional maturity and clarity, and if a certain relationship has made you insecure or insecure, you realize that it is time to move on.

Born March 11-20

If you are in a relationship, this is a good year to lightly try new things in the relationship. This is not a period when routine and old habits serve you, and if something changes in your partner in 2024, this is often a positive change. For you who are single, there are good chances to expand your circle of friends, deepen relationships, and to meet an intelligent and original person who may not even be your usual “type”. The important thing is to be open to love – the real thing!


In conclusion, as we stand on the brink of the new year, the anticipation for what lies ahead is palpable. The horoscope for 2024 paints a picture of significant changes, particularly in matters of the heart. Whether it’s the prospect of cohabitation, engagements, or the excitement of a passionate encounter, the stars suggest a year marked by transformative experiences. Additionally, for those seeking a fresh start, 2024 might be the opportune time to liberate themselves from relationships that no longer serve their well-being. As we navigate the celestial influences, let us embrace the possibilities that the coming year holds for each zodiac sign, welcoming the chance for personal growth and fulfillment. May the stars guide us on a journey of self-discovery and positive transformations in the days to come.



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