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Lazy girl workout – 5 workouts for lazy days

Who said you have to go to the gym – or get out of bed – to exercise? We’ve collected five simple and quick workouts that are perfect for lazy days. Check them out here!

Do you lack training motivation? You are not alone in that. Social media is teeming with “Lazy girl workout” videos, where there are tips on workouts that are good when you’re feeling a little lazy. We list five types of training that you can try when motivation fails!

Lazy Girl Workout : Effortless Exercise Routine for Lazy Days

1. Stretch in bed

This is the perfect activity when your motivation level is really low. Stay in bed and stretch your body for five minutes using these simple exercises.

2. Exercise the whole body in bed

If you feel that you want to set the bar a little higher than stretching, you can try this workout. In ten minutes you train your whole body – without leaving your bed!

3. Dance training on a chair

Tired of standing up? Never mind! You can do this workout sitting on a chair. Perfect for those who work from home – or have open-minded colleagues.

4. Home workout for 10 minutes

If you’re feeling energetic enough to work out – but too lazy to hit the gym – this is a great option. Exercise the whole body at home in ten minutes. No tools required!

5. Hot girl walk

Are you ambitious enough to go outside, but not to jog a lap? Hop on the “Hot girl walk” trend.

The concept is simple: Walk a few kilometers while listening to something that motivates you, such as a good playlist or a podcast.

During the walk, you should only think about three things: 

  • What you are grateful for
  • Your goals
  • How handsome you are

However, you should not think about things like relationship problems, “to do” lists and negative things in general. The purpose of this is to achieve a more positive attitude – while feeling stylish!



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